Summer time – future plans

We had a good start this year. We are growing slowly and receiving more and more attention both in Finland and internationally. Big thanks to everybody who have helped with sales and offered advice and sales tips!

This week, Obroni Import even managed to sneak in an “ad” with Paleface on the Finnish 10 a’ clock news:

paleface - obroni import

The photo was taken at RUPLA-gallery in Helsinki at the “KÄDET ILMAAN – Suomiräppiä 1986-2015”-exposition. Be sure to check it out while it’s still open (July 8 – July 30)!

We’ve had many questions regarding the In Stock -page and suggestions for more features and better online store access. At the moment, this page serves more as an up-to-date stock list, rather than a sales forum. Because of limited resources, this site will not be turning into an e-store in the near future. We are, however, going to put some rare records up for sale on Discogs.

We’ve also had requests for audio samples. To save time, we will most likely try to publish short sets on Soundcloud so people can get some idea of the different artists. For sales events, especially for 7″-records, we are also planning on arranging a record player for testing purposes. Check out the latest Obroni Import set by our friend Hammeri below:



As we have no permanent location of business, we are also talking to some Finnish record stores, looking to possibly set up small sales spots in stores or find bulk buyers. If you would be interested in something like this, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

Our friends in West Africa are very eager to send us more records. We will most likely try to move some new packages at the end of the summer – early autumn. The orders are usually done more on a genre, condition of records basis, to ensure we uncover new artists and get G – VG+ -records. Short wish lists are used, so if you are looking for something specific feel free to tell us. Please avoid sending hundreds of lines of the most rare afro funk though 😛